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The TESLA and ring-TESLA Signature Schemes

On this website research papers and projects about the (ideal-) lattice-based signature schemes TESLA and ring-TESLA are collected.

  • Further improvements and a tight security reduction was proposed in an earlier version by Erdem Alkim, Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Özgür Dagdelen, Peter Schwabe. Its ideal-lattice-based version ring-TESLA is prosed in "An efficient lattice-based signature scheme with provably secure instantiation" by Sedat Akleylek, Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Juliane Krämer, Giorgia Azzurra Marson (AfricaCrypt 2016).
  • In November 2016 Gus Gutoski and Christopher Peikert independently informed us about a flaw in the security reductions presented in the papers corresponding to the schemes TESLA (and its ideal-lattice-based version ring-TESLA. The flaw does not lead to any actual attack against the two schemes. Moreover, the (non-tight) reduction proposed by Bai and Galbraith is not affected.
  • In May 2017 Erdem Alkim, Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Özgür Dagdelen, Edward Eaton, Gus Gutoski, Juliane Krämer, and Filip Pawlega presented a new (tight) security reduction in the quantum oracle model in "Revisiting TESLA in the quantum random oracle model" (PQCrypto 2017). However, ring-TESLA and its proposed parameters are still not supported by any formal security argument.
  • In their gitHub Shay Gueron and Fabian Schlieker improve the performance of ring-TESLA.

The software implementation of TESLA can be found here. The software implementation of ring-TESLA can be found here or here in the gitHub of Fabian Schlieker.